‘Galaxy on Fire 2’ Officially Announced for iPad and iPhone

Saddle up your bags and let’s take a trip to space!  A new space shooter is about to enter the realms of the App Store, this time a sequel to an already existing space explorer on the App Store.  This space shooter has a name like most games, and Fishlabs has currently named it Galaxy On Fire 2 (name isn’t official).

We reported of the rumor such a long, long time ago, and I’m glad that rumor came out to be true.  Galaxy on Fire 2 isn’t exactly close to release though, as stated in the blog post, it will take some time for Galaxy on Fire 2 to be completed.  It also sounds like they are planning to add a lot more things compared to Galaxy on Fire, and just reading the little Q&A leaves me a bit jumpy inside.

Currently, we are working on 3D models of ships, weapons, asteroids, as well as various hangar scenes and the bar where you get new missions. At the same time, Marc Nagel, our art director, is making 2D concepts for new ship models. Then I try to bring it all together. Next, Marc and others will help me with that and deal primarily with the shader, so that everything looks right. And, of course, we mustn’t forget the sound. We’re still looking at a lot of work.

Well that’s it for now.  They’ve included two screenshots in their blog post, we’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “‘Galaxy on Fire 2’ Officially Announced for iPad and iPhone

  1. I am absolutely looking forward to this–I would love to see an iPad/iPod hybrid rather than an HD/iPhone and, in either event, I would love to be able to sync my progress.

    The first is excellent. Highly recommended.

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