Mirror’s Edge for iPad Review: Short, yet so, so, SO sweet

Now before everyone starts throwing tomatoes at me and yells obscenities, I have to come out of the cave and reveal the truth: I have never played Mirror’s Edge.  Not an my Xbox 360, not on any of my friend’s Xbox 360s… I have never played Mirror’s Edge.  I’ve heard of it, sure, but I’ve never brought myself to go to Game Stop, buy the game, and sit down and actually play the game.

So with that said, this was a totally new experience for me.  And boy, was I impressed.  Like really, really, tremendously impressed.  The controls felt natural, the graphics were totally out there, and the game itself was a lot of fun.  It may just look like running and dodging things, but there’s just so much more to it than that.

Mirror’s Edge for the iPad can only be described with one word: beauty, and it’s a game that should be on your newly-bought iPad, no excuses or questions asked.


Graphics: The graphics were extremely well done, and it definitely looks so much better than any other 3D game I encountered on the App Store so far.  The graphics weren’t as good as a console game, but it was much, much, MUCH better than any PSP or DS game I’ve ever seen, putting the iPad somewhere in between consoles and handhelds.  I’m surprised EA went through the rigors of bringing Mirror’s Edge to the iPad, but I’m sure they’re benefiting from this right now.

Animations: The animations were also silky smooth, and running, jumping, and tumbling through the air were all extremely fluid in motion.  This, along with the graphics, would have to be the most impressive part of the game and one that EA nailed right on the dot.

Controls: The controls make it feel like Mirror’s Edge was made specifically for the iPad; no, Mirror’s Edge was made for the iPad.  There’s really no question about it; whoever developed Mirror’s Edge didn’t have the mind of porting a console game over, but they had the mind of making a whole new game for Apple’s newly released device.  The multitouch controls made Mirror’s Edge work smoothly and wonderfully, creating a game experience that almost everyone will enjoy; I can’t think of a scenario in which the person will not enjoy it.

Two-player: The two-player mode was fun, especially when your opponent is as good at dodging obstacles as you are.  It definitely made the game feel more competitive, and like Touchgrind HD, the split-screen mode was perfect for the iPad.


It’s really short: Mirror’s Edge for the iPad weighs in as one of the most expensive games on the iPad, $12.99, and the content doesn’t seem to exactly reflect that.  Sure, the quality does, but it would have been so much nicer to add some more… stuff to it.  As of now, the story mode will last you 3-4 hours, give or a take a few.

Mirror’s Edge for the iPad, while extremely short, is one of the best titles the iPad gaming market has to offer so far.  While I’m not doubting in my mind that the iPad will have much better games as time goes on, no one can argue the fact that Mirror’s Edge equals epic win for the first baby steps of iPad games.  And along with that, EA made it feel as if Mirror’s Edge was made specifically for the iPad, a feeling that not many developers can boast.

Mirror’s Edge for iPad was developed by EA Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPad.  The price is a special introductory price of $12.99.

[image via Toucharcade]

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