iPhone OS 4.0 Announcing this Week, Thursday

What the heck.  What the heck.  I’m freaking out.  This is amazing.  Oh my goodness what am I going to do.

Those were the types of statements that were running through my mind as I read that iPhone OS 4.0 will be announced this Thursday, April 8th.  What a surprise, and to think that we thought the thoughts that we thought.  It’s much sooner than we ever expected, and we all thought of it being released sometime when the iPhone 4G came out.

It’s definitely a nice piece of news that I’m looking forward to, and with it already being rumored of bringing multitasking, it looks to be the next step forward in the iPhone familia.  We’ll have more news as they become available, and I’m sure most of you are pretty excited with this amazing news.

[via Slidetoplay]

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6 thoughts on “iPhone OS 4.0 Announcing this Week, Thursday

  1. Calm down. It’s only an announcement. iPhone OS 4 still won’t arrive till June / July when th new harware comes out.

  2. As Mark said, it’s only an announcement, not a release; relax. June/July does seem to be the anticipated public release of the software. There are rumors, though, that OS 4.0 may be released before the next hardware update.

  3. Sorry peeps, maybe I do sound a bit TOO excited. Either way, it’s good news that I’m eagerly awaiting to hear even if it ships with the new hardware.

  4. Bought a 3GS when it came out last year, but does anyone know if you can get an early upgrade for the new iPhone HD or whatever it may be called?

  5. AT&T service contracts have nothing to do with Apple’s release cycle. If you want to upgrade mid-contract, you will need to bear the full cost of the new phone, which is significantly higher than the subsidized cost of your first phone when you signed up for your two year contract.

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