‘Angry Birds’ Updated, Just in Time for Easter

Easter egg hunts have always been somewhat of a tradition come Easter, and I remember every year of childhood I would go on a hunt for these colorfully coded eggs.  But never before in my mind did I dream of hunting for these eggs… in an Angry Birds update!  That’s right, easter eggs are hidden throughout the game, unlocking cool features and such for you to devour upon.

The details for the update are as follows:

  • Find all the Golden Eggs and uncover fun rewards…
  • More levels — Unlock new game levels while hunting for all the eggs!
  • Special interactive scenes — Discover new riddles and twists!
  • Angry Birds Soundboard — You’ll never be without your favorite bird sounds again!
  • Updated Crystal Features — Lets you flaunt your high scores and achievements.
  • Angry Birds Rating Tool — Tell us what you think of the game.
  • Performance Optimization — Runs smoother than ever before at a steady 60 frames per second on iPhone 3GS devices!

It’s definitely a significant update I’m looking forward to playing, and Angry Birds is one title that has improved tremendously from its original release.  So with the Easter holidays coming upon us, I wish you all a happy egg-hunting.

If you are still undecided on this title, it’s only $0.99, contains a large amount of content, and is one of the most improved games I have ever seen/played.  There’s also a lite version to try before you buy.

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