More Zombies?!?! Review: Yes, it’s another Zombie Game

The wave of zombie games is endless; there will never be a time when zombie games cease to exist.  And the iPhone is not exempt from this apocalypse, as there are hundreds of other games that have to do with zombies and blood and sheer terror.  And while More Zombies?! isn’t exactly the “pee-your-pants” scary, zombie apocalypse game you might have been hoping for, it’s quite addictive nonetheless.  The visuals are far below mediocre though, and the animations could use some work.


Coming back for more: For some odd reason, I keep coming back for more.  Even after my character has been eaten alive, I tend to press the “play again” button for just one more go.  This is a factor that is extremely difficult to nail in casual games, and More Zombies?!?! got this one perfectly.

Arsenal: The weapons out there are adequate enough to have you not “beat” the game, meaning that you’ve collected all the weapons and the only thing to do is survive.  There’s not a lot, but there’s enough.


Mediocre: More Zombies?!!? is a huge step backward from the artwork presented in Sparta or any other Pocket Monkey Games.  With Kris Jones, the CEO of PMG, also being the director over at Thunder Game Works, the creator of Trenches, I expected a lot more in terms of visuals.  It looks to me that they took a week to put all the sloppy visuals into place.

More, more MORE: Ok, the number of zombies is enough.  But what I really want are some more achievements; the 9 or so included are not enough.  This complaint may not apply to everyone, but for me, 9 achievements only motivate for so long before I finally conquer all of them and have nothing else to do.

More Zombies?!… wait for it… wait for it… is a surprisingly fun game.  I was disappointed in the mediocrity found in the visuals, but other than that, I enjoyed the game.  It’s not the best piece of indie work I’ve seen, but if you’re looking for some cheap fun, More Zombies?!?! seems to have it.  But like me, you may find yourself in a sticky situation once all the achievements have been unlocked.

More Zombies?! was developed by Pocket Monkey Games, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.

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