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‘Fast and Furious: Adrenaline’ Coming to iPhone

I-Play has been a major contributor to the iPhone, releasing some great titles such as Artist Colony.  But they don’t just create little sims, as they’ve created some wildly successful racing games through the Fast and Furious name.  As a fan of Fast and Furious myself, I was more than elated to find yet another racing game coming to the iPhone with the Fast and Furious stamp.

While details are pretty scarce as of now, I-Play did release three initial screenshots for us, and while it doesn’t look like something to drool over, it definitely looks good.  And it seems like Pocketgamer got some good details on this upcoming title; here are some listed below:

    • Four locations
    • 12 tracks
    • Five race types (Road Race, Cop Chase, Time Trial, Boss Battle & Drag Race)
    • 35 cars

    We’ll have some more info on this title soon.

    1. Good post. I’m experiencing some of these issues as well..