Chaos Rings from Square Enix: Everything You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard yet, Square Enix has announced an all new RPG exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch deemed “Chaos Rings”.  While much of the gameplay and storyline is still in the dark, a trailer was released revealing some parts of the gameplay.  Right off the bat, we can all see the impressive graphics and artwork.

The battle sequences also seem to be turn-based, meaning you attack the monster, then the monster attacks you.  This battle sequence is very similar to Final Fantasy, except this one is in 3D and looks quite badder I must say.  Along with that, once you defeat an enemy, you acquire their genes that are used to level up your character skills and other aspects in your character.

Your journey is to crawl through dungeons, each that has a boss within them.  The name “Chaos Rings” comes from just that: going through all the dungeons with the first starting at the outer ring.  Once you fight through, you must reach the core of the “ring” to, assumedly, defeat the game.

We’ll have more information on the title as they become available, but for now, check out their website along with a slew of screenshots released on their Facebook.

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