Final Fantasy I and II Review: Classic RPGs Reborn on the Latest Gaming Hardware

The Final Fantasy series is a massively popular RPG franchise that has its origins rooted in the days of the NES, and these ports of the first two give a new generation of players that may have missed them another chance to play these classics.

Final Fantasy I:  The Light Warriors must restore light to the four elemental orbs to defeat the evil forces and save the world.

Final Fantasy II:  Warriors go on a mission to free themselves from the control of the Palamecia Empire.


Graphical Update: The originals actually looked pretty decent for their time, but sadly the 8-bit graphics of yesteryear do not hold up to today’s high-end standards.  Fortunately, the game was given a complete overhaul and now has a much brighter and more colorful aesthetic that anyone with an appreciation for retro graphics can enjoy.

Sound:  The sound effects are sharp and the original scores have been lovingly remixed.


Touch Controls:  While the touch controls work adequately enough, they are laggy and at times and in the end are more frustrating than dpad controls.

Menu system:  The in-battle menu system is a reasonable solution for the iPhone, but is clunky and not as efficient as a text menu that can be scrolled through with a dpad.

The only way to bring up the pause menu when out of battle is to take your finger off the screen and wait for it to pop up in the lower right hand corner.  Very inconvenient and annoying.

Steep Price:  Square has always been a price-leader.  Everything they have released in the past few years had been “premium priced” and these releases are certainly no exception.  When the vast majority of games are priced at $0.99 and most higher end games sell for upwards of $4.99 to $6.99, the $8.99 price seems really steep.  Although I was surprised the games weren’t released for $9.99, this price point is still unusually high for the marketplace.

While the definitive versions of Final Fantasy II and II are still the versions available for PSP, these ports are decent enough to suffice if you don’t have one.  Although there are a plethora of RPGs available for the iPhone, these are classics that should not be missed.  Despite the flaws, this game is a solid buy.

Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy IIwere developed by Square Enix, and I played through versions 1.0.0 of each on my 64GB iPod Touch 3G.  The price is $8.99 each.

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy II

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy I and II Review: Classic RPGs Reborn on the Latest Gaming Hardware

  1. One of my biggest complaints with FF I and FF II, is that the text in the game is to “lite”. If they simply bolded the font used, the text would be much easier to read. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but it’s just to hard to read the text no matter how good my sight is.

  2. Haha, gotta love haters. Fever if the review didn’t mention the originals you would have complained about that. Historical perspective is not a bad thing. If you haven’t played the originals on the NES go out and get them then.

  3. @Travis: I’m obviously not going to buy a NES now just to play two games available on my iPhone (so I can buy them on it later). I just want to know if the games themselves are any good and this review, focusing only on the quality of the port, is not helping with that.

  4. @Fever: Not sure I get you. Did you read the article or just the bullet point titles? Graphics are good and Sound is enjoyable but the touch controls aren’t great. How is that a review of the quality of the port? And you should buy a NES there’s a plethora of great games just waiting for you, but it seems you’d rather just vent for some reason on the internet. I’m sorry mommy doesn’t love you but you need to get some therapy rather than just whine and cry out in cyber space where no one cares.

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