Catacombs Updated, Significant Improvements Made

The 1.1 update for InMotion Software‘s dual-stick dungeon-crawler, Catacombs, went live today, bringing significant improvements to the game. When I reviewed the 1.0 version of the game last month I found it Worth A Look, but the many improvements in 1.1 have me reconsidering that score.

A new quest system has been added, providing goals for the player. There are global goals to collect prescribed amounts of loot, dungeon goals to be completed in specific dungeons, and character goals which differ depending on your chosen character class. The combination of these quests along with the new story text that precedes your embarking into each dungeon gives the game a sense of lore, the impression that there is a larger world and story at work, and that you’re no longer raiding dungeons without a purpose. I complained of the game’s lack of purpose in my review, and am happy to see the complaint addressed so well in the 1.1 update.

The quest system is probably my favorite update, though that’s not all. A Thief character class has been added, though you must first unlock it by collecting 150,000 in loot using other characters. There are new mini-bosses in the dungeons, new item drops from enemies, and you can now assign stat points in Damage, Special Attack or Health on level-up, allowing you to customize your character more to your liking.

Interface changes are another welcome addition. During character selection, ratings are now displayed for each class giving you some idea of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses. You can now restart the map from the pause menu, which is fantastic for completionists who realize they’ve opened doors in the wrong sequence and have left rooms inaccessible. The pause menu also keeps track of chests found on each floor, your accuracy and whether the map has been cleared. There’s also an option to auto assign stat points for those who’d rather not be bothered.

The AI has reportedly improved, and there is also a new “Survival” mode, though I have yet to discover how to access it. I reset my game progress in order to try out the update, and so it may be that the mode must be unlocked somehow …

Not listed in the app store report of updates, there are also some new musical tracks added. In 1.0, it was the same music over and over. In 1.1, there are at least two new tracks I’ve heard, both superior to the original (which wasn’t bad to begin with), and I’m very much liking the variety they add to the game’s audio presentation. I hope InMotion will continue to add new music to the game, maybe giving new DLC packs their own theme music. Aye, that would be nice.

All-in-all, the update is welcome and really goes far to improve the game. Version 1.1 is leaps and bounds better than 1.0, and the game is most definitely worth checking out at this point. Being so Gauntlet-like, though, I still think InMotion ought to give us a Valkyrie. 😉

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