GDC 2010: Zombie Infection Screenshots

Along with third-person shooter Splinter Cell Conviction, Gameloft has released a batch of screenshots for Zombie Infection, an obvious Resident Evil clone.  And while Resident Evil on the iPhone looked absolutely gorgeous, I must say that Gameloft went all out on this one to make this look as best as possible.

Included in the iPhone itineration is a cameraman and/or a journalist, both of which must survive the zombie apocalypse.  There are a little over 10 levels included, with the weapon choice being a pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher, and machine gun.  And as it is a Resident Evil clone, you will not be able to shoot and move at the same time.

The controls consists of a virtual joystick along with some action buttons on the right side; buttons that handle anything from melee attacks to shooting down a slobbering zombie.  While it seems like the controls work well, we’ll have to get our hands on a final build to put down some final words.

And along with the campaign mode, it seems as if Gameloft will be adding an ‘Arena Mode’, which is basically survive as long as possible with zombies swarming everywhere.

This is yet another Gameloft game I’m excited for, and after quiet months of January through March, Gameloft is starting to bring the thunder.  Zombie Infection is due by the end of this month.

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