“Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’11” Coming to iPhone

It seems like EA’s announcement of Tiger Woods ’11 that will feature the Ryder Cup wasn’t the only big news; Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’11 is coming to the iPhone.  Yes, we know that 2011 is quite far from today, as the year 2010 has just begun.  But, it’s good to know that EA has decided to keep up with the franchise on the iPhone.

The original Tiger Woods on the iPhone received a Must Have rating from us, as it has and still is the best golf sim on the platform.  Golf has been a sport that hasn’t been tackled too much, but EA definitely delivered.

Here’s an excerpt from Techulous’s article about Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’11:

The Ryder Cup, a competition hosted by Ryder Cup Europe LLP and the PGA of America, brings together the best American and European golfers in a team competition format, and the cover of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 is a direct reflection of the tournament – as Tiger Woods denotes the U.S. team and Rory McIlroy represents the Europeans. McIlroy, hailing from Northern Ireland and currently ranked 9th according to the Official World Golf Rankings, has posted several impressive showings early in his professional golfing career. Last year, McIlroy had five top 10 PGA TOUR finishes including a third-place tie in the 2009 PGA Championship and made the cut in all four majors. As an amateur, McIlroy also has a strong history in team play events, which include appearances in the Junior Ryder Cup and Walker Cup.

And according to Techulous, the iPhone version will arrive as early as June 8th.  Of course, we’ll keep you posted once more news starts to appear.

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2 thoughts on ““Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’11” Coming to iPhone

  1. I must admit I was expecting them to change their front man for this, after all of that outcry about his whole scandal earlier this year.

    I could really care less, he’s obviously an idiot but the best golfer there is. Apparently they’re still endorsing him, and it’s probably going to sell even better now because of his dumb life choices.

  2. It’s sadly all about the money these days. Doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of companies whether someone had a scandal or not, as long as that man brings them tons and tons of money they don’t care.

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