Transformers G1: The Awakening Review: Robots in Disguise

I must admit, Transformers toys were pretty awesome.  When I first saw the commercials for them, the song was so catchy that I found myself singing/yelling it right to my brothers’ faces.  But, of course, I never found myself going to Toys R’ Us and purchasing the plastic machine, as it was a waste of money for a person of my age.

I never admitted the coolness of these action figures though, and it never was until the movie was announced that people started to think of Transformers as cool.  And like almost all the guys out there, Transformers was cool for one reason and one reason only: Megan Fox.

But enough with my little spiel, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Turn-based strategy is a popular genre on the iPhone, Transformers G1: The Awakening fits right in.  Need I say more?


Strategy: Transformers G1 cleverly implements the Autobots’ ability to transform into vehicles through distance, having you to think strategically on when to transform or not.  This turn-based strategy game has enough strategy to keep you playing the game, and while it isn’t especially deep, it’s perfect for the most simple sorts of people and the most complex.

Gameplay Balancing: The story slowly progresses, so perfectly in fact, that it keeps you playing the game.  Gameplay balancing has been perfectly matched to feature one of the most balanced games I have ever played.  The perfect balance lead to me playing for over two hours straight without realizing the passing time.  It definitely got me hooked in, and that’s when you know a game is a good game.

Battle Animations: Amidst the horrible graphics, the battle scenes are pretty amazing.  The cell-shaded graphics work well in such an intense environment, and I have to commend Glu for their work in this sector.  The battle scenes are definitely the best I’ve seen in a turn-based strategy game so far.

Multiple game modes: Transformers G1 has multiple game modes that should keep you busy for quite a while, and although it doesn’t boast of the content found in Battle for Wesnoth, it has enough for that price tag.  The game modes also provide slight variations for those times when you feel like playing something other than the main story mode.


The other visuals: The other visuals, besides the battle scenes, are pathetic.  I don’t know if they went for a retro look or what, but the visuals don’t impress me at all.  For one, the overall game is way too small.  By that I mean the text is small, the robots are small, and zooming in doesn’t help at all.  Playing zoomed in only makes the experience worse instead of better, leading to small robots and small text.  Along with that, the pixelated look doesn’t fair well in this environment at all.

Lack of Online Multiplayer: All the other TBSs like Battle for Wesnoth and Robocalypse contain online multiplayer, so it would seem fair to point this out as a dislike.  It would have been nice if they added it though, but alas, it seems like they have declined to include this feature.

Transformers G1 is a solid turn-based strategy game, but it isn’t perfect by any means.  I didn’t find any issues with the gameplay itself; I just found issues with what they didn’t include.  With must have TBS titles like Mecho Wars and Robocalypse including so many features, it’s hard to justify our highest award for this strategy game.  But still, those in search of some noteworthy strategy games on their iPhone should include Transformers G1 in their list.

Transformers G1: The Awakening was developed by Glu Mobile, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99.

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