Brothers in Arms 2 Review: This is War

Gameloft seems to be the only contender so far in the App Store’s race in proving itself as capable of first-person shooters; no other developer has truly released first-person shooters with this high of a production value.  But of course, that just means more money for Gameloft right?

Their first, true first-person shooter, Modern Combat Sandstorm, received a Must Have award from us for being one of the best shooters we’ve ever played on the iPhone.  Of course, with the announcement of BIA 2, we had some high expectations for Gameloft’s release.  But alas, these expectations were never reached, as it almost feels as if Gameloft took a step back in time, when controls were a bit janky and the AI was all pre-scripted.

While BIA 2 was a lot more action-packed than both Modern Combat and NOVA, there were some major flaws that puts this shooter behind the rest.


Graphics: They’ve really updated the graphics from the first Brothers in Arms to the second.  Along with the transition from third-person to first-person shooter, the graphics and animations have been greatly improved, almost to the point where you can’t believe it.  Gameloft always has a knack for graphics on the iPhone, and they definitely showed it here with graphics that may just be better than NOVA.

Action: If you like non-stop action from one minute to the next, this is one game that definitely fits that category.  Enemies come in the swarms, and you’re left to be shooting from one person to the other.  Grenades are flying everywhere; this is war.  Brothers in Arms 2 is the most action-packed shooter to date on the iPhone, and for those looking for a game with no breaks, Brothers in Arms 2 is just perfect.

Online: I expected this to be smooth, and they delivered.  I haven’t had much online connectivity problems, and it’s just like any other Gameloft first-person shooter.


AI: AI is poor in this game; so poor in fact, that it’s pre-scripted.  Their movements, their shots, everything is pre-scripted.   I would have liked a more… smarter AI that had a mind somewhat of its own, attacking and running around to find cover.  Instead, you find some enemies out wide in the open shooting at you as if they want to die.  The AI in NOVA was adequate, and while not impressive, it was acceptable.  The AI in Brothers in Arms 2?  Not acceptable.

Controls: This is an area that Gameloft has hit right on the dot for the past 5 or so games, but for some reason, they decided to be lethargic and swim in their pool of money.  I found the controls to be very insensitive to my turning and my touch, leading to slow turnarounds when the enemy was to my right or to my left.  They are acceptable though, just not as good as their other games.

Brothers in Arms 2 is a step back from NOVA, that’s basically all I have to say.  Gameloft did a wonderful job with NOVA, including the online multiplayer and controls, but they seemed to really cut down on their cash output for this title.  It’s still a solid first-person shooter packed with action; I just had some problems with the AI and controls.  While Gameloft isn’t known for updating their games, it would be nice for them to play around with some better controls.

Brothers in Arms 2 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.9 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $7.99.

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6 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms 2 Review: This is War

  1. ‘when controls were a bit wanky’

    lol… was that a typo? anyway, i think that was a pretty good review which i guess i agreed with though i found the controls to be adequate.

  2. It is not a typo, atleast when I read it over and over.

    “it almost feels as if Gameloft took a step back in time, when controls were a bit wanky and the AI was all pre-scripted.”

    Maybe it reads a bit weird, but grammatically, it is correct. Controls were okay for me, they just needed some work when it came to sensitivity.

  3. let me correct myself. that was a typo, a quite embarrassing one I must say. I’ve changed it to the word “janky”, which means poor or unsuitable. Sorry for the error, thanks for catching it.

  4. that’s what i thought! no problem, it seems i always seem to find those kinds of typos

    no, it’s not what you think it is…

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