Freebie Friday: Some Amazing Freebies this Week

It seems that giveaways occur on Fridays and this week is no exception.  There are several apps that have gone free for at least today.  Some of these are great games that should definitely not be missed:

UniWar ($4.99>FREE)

Mole – Quest for the Terracore gem! ($1.99>FREE)

Eco Punk ($0.99>FREE)

Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies ($0.99>FREE)

The Inferno ($4.99>FREE)

PocketZombie ($0.99>FREE)

TimeLoop ($0.99>FREE)

Secrets of Lost Pyramid ($1.99>FREE)

Duo Gravity ($0.99>FREE)

LetsTans ($0.99>FREE)

Alien Glyphs ($0.99>FREE)

Arcade Solitare: TriTowers ($0.99>FREE)

Scoops ($0.99>FREE)

All of these games were free at the time of post.  It’s recommended you snag anything you want on the list immediately as app store prices change constantly.

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