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Exclusive Hands-On Preview with ‘Super Turbo Action Pig’

At first, the name “Super Turbo Action Pig” leads a person to think one thing and one thing only: how childish.  Personally atleast, that’s what I thought when I first heard of the game, but of course, it’s a freaking pig.  I love pigs.  So putting all my coolness and maturity aside, I decided to pick up my iPhone and start tapping away in the world of Super Turbo Action Pig.

And when I did that, it taught me one lesson: it’s always good to become a kid again.  Well, maybe not always but most of the time anyways.  Super Turbo Action Pig is a game that brought be back to simplicity, a game that took away all the complexity from other games such as turn-based strategy or tactical shooters.

The gameplay can best be described as iCopter + amazing art.  The first thing I noticed right off the bat was actually the art and how nice the game actually looked, and it’s definitely some of the best 2D cartoon art I’ve seen in an iPhone game.  And that may just be because the developers behind this are the artists for the Chillingo site and Trenches, another wonderfully crafted 2D cartoon game.

It also plays quite nicely, with OpenFeint implemented along with a simple gameplay mechanic that keeps you coming back for more.  The achievements are definitely the catalysts that extend the replay value, and Super Turbo Action Pig is basically defined as the perfect casual game.

It may be too simple and repetitive for the more complex-minded though, but I had a blast with the build that I received.  Super Turbo Action Pig has not been submitted yet into the App Store, but it’s definitely a game that should be watched.  With the App Store becoming crowded with so many crapps, it’s somewhat relaxing to see some amazing casual games.

We’ll have a full review up for the game once it’s released.  For now, check out the all-new trailer embedded below along with their website.

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