February: Favorite Games of the Month

We’ve decided to stray away from choosing one to two winners for our Game of the Month award, and move toward listing some of our favorite games we’ve played during the month.  Especially with a month such as February, it’s definitely difficult to chose just one game to become the best game we’ve played.

It also highlights a lot more games that were notable, along with introducing more indie games; those that are rarely ever mentioned.  But let’s cut the chit-chat and move on to the real deal, and see what games we’ve been playing!

Travis: February had a few select incredible releases. From huge well known releases like the blockbusterPlants vs. Zombies and GT Racing: Motor Academy to little indie gems like Paper Fish and Spirit, the list may be short but very potent. As an indie fan my pick of the month would have to be Spirit. In its current state its a fun little pick up and play fast round type of game that is really only lacking in bonus features rather than actual game content. Simply clear the screen of enemies by drawing shapes on the screen that turn into holes that suck the nearby enemies away. The more enemies you get in the same hole the bigger your score. The gorgeous retro art style similar to that of GeoDefense is more than enough to warrant a purchase, and when you find out there is a really fun and unique game beyond those shiny graphics you’ll realize you’ve found a real app store gem. The developer has assured the community that OpenFeint integration is coming in an update so we can expect leaderboards and hopefully achievements in the not too distant future. Even more content will be included in future updates if the game is successful enough.
Other notable releases in February are Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Across Age, Eco Punk, andArodius.

Matt: February was a month jam-packed with quality new releases, and yet I have no hesitation selecting my favorite for the month. Space Miner: Space Ore Bust was hands-down the most fun I had with my iPhone in February, and it’s a game I’m still enjoying. Space Miner is a perfect blend of narrative, humor, action and presentation, with slick, customizable controls, RPG elements and hours of game play. There’s even a New Game+ mode available once you’ve completed the campaign. It’s a game you can pick up and play in short bursts, or settle down with for hours on end. If I had one complaint against the game, it would be the overall low level of difficulty. Nonetheless, I never had anything but fun playing this one. Space Miner rocks. Period.

By my reckoning, other notable titles for the month included Plants Vs. Zombies, 2360: Battle for Cydonia, Tehra Dark Warrior and the iPhone ports of the RPG classics Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Space Ninja — a super hardcore, radical space action game — which received a pretty game-changing update in February. While my feelings on the update are mixed, that developer Jormy is still updating a game more than a year old is pretty encouraging.

Daniel: January was one of the slowest months that I can remember in terms of iPhone gaming, but the month of February more than made up for it with its releases of big name titles such as Final Fantasy I and II along with Plants vs. Zombies. New and original ideas came through also, including Space Miner: Ore Bust, a game that definitely deserves a lot of recognition. And while that was a great game, my favorite game of the month would have to be Plants vs. Zombies followed closely by Final Fantasy I. Plants vs. Zombies is a game that got me hooked right from the start, a game that transferred surprisingly well from the PC to the iPhone. I’ve had more fun with Plants vs. Zombies than any other tower defense game on the App Store to date, and I have found myself playing the game during times when I should be finishing up some other work. But all in all, February was one of the greatest months in the short history of the App Store.

Hope: February has been known to be the cruelest month, but in terms of games February 2010 was sure rich and benevolent! The shortest month of the year seemed to release popular game after popular game, barely with any time to play them in between! Of all the notable releases my choice has to be Space Miner: Space Ore Bust. This game has a bit of everything jam packed into one of the most addictive games on the platform. The story line is filled with humor, the graphics are great, the sounds, well what can I say – take the developers advice and use headphones or you are truly missing something. Game play involving the clearing of each asteroid field is interjected with short missions that earn you some cash to upgrade your ship. Plenty of achievements and two unlockable modes add to its unique appeal. Asteroids with an RPG flair is a true winner.

Other notable releases in this month were ports for the iPod Touch and for that simple reason they could not surpass my choice of the original Space Miner but do deserve a nod. These include the ever popular and addicting Plants vs. Zombies, the classic retro RPG’s Final Fantasy 1 and 2, and the challenging puzzle platformer movie tie-in Alice in Wonderland.

And that’s it!  We’ll post some more of our favorite games of the month once March has passed us by.

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