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An Appealing Atari Sale

UPDATE: It seems like all of Atari’s games have disappeared from the App Store.  Please check back when they become available.  We have no details thus far on it’s disappearance.

Atari, a game giant since the 1970′s and creators of the defining game Pong, have had a few ventures onto the app store platform.  The prices have generally been static, so a price drop is something to take advantage of immediately.  There is no news of how long their quality games will be this cheap.   With new versions of old arcade games such as Super Breakout, Centipede, and Missile Command on sale for the cost of two plays in the arcade, you won’t be bargaining very much money.  In fact, there’s no risk at all as these upgraded ports have been very successful thus far.  Each game costs only $0.99.

  1. Mike on Wednesday 3, 2010

    Sadly none of these games seem to be available in the US iTunes store :( I tried the links on the Atari website too, and they all lead to the same error message: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.” Searching by name in the store on the iPhone doesn’t work either. Hopefully this is some temporary glitch…

  2. Jindo Fox on Wednesday 3, 2010

    Drag … there are no Atari games at all in the US store now. Maybe later?

  3. Nick on Wednesday 3, 2010

    It looks like their games are all pulled now… this is strange. I’ll have to ask Atari what’s going on.