Assassin Creed II Multiplayer Out – Free for 48 Hours

Ubisoft has just released Assassin’s Creed II Multiplayer, an online game in a top down view where you play with other people online try to assassinate them. There are three different environments, six power-ups, twenty four achievements, and it’s Wi-Fi based online play. Surprisingly, Ubisoft has released the game at a launch promotion sale of FREE, presumably to get more people online and playing. However, after the 48 hour promotion, the price is going to rise to $2.99, so I suggest you grab it as fast as you can. There isn’t much else to do other than the online multiplayer, but I think it’s definitely worth the initial price. We’ll have our impressions on the game up soon.

One thought on “Assassin Creed II Multiplayer Out – Free for 48 Hours

  1. The 3 games went fine with a slight bit of lag. But now I can not get into a game and the game has crashed and forced me to re enter my user information. Hopefully they can fix the server issues before they start charging for the app.

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