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Final Fantasy I and II Released

Just a few minutes ago, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II were both released on the App Store. Though these games have been around since 1987 and 1988, making them extremely old, the graphics have been completely revamped. In addition, all content from the originals are still preserved, albeit in a much more eye-pleasing way. These games won’t be cheap though. Weighing in a $8.99 apiece, together these two games will cost you around $20 (including tax). However, this is still much cheaper than the FF1 and FF2 versions on other handheld consoles, so I’d pick this up right now if I were you, since Square Enix isn’t known for price drops. We’ve received our copy of both games already, and should have reviews up soon.

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  1. Jclef on Thursday 25, 2010

    Purchased FF1 last night and I must say it was totally worth it – not only did they beef up the graphics, but the story and music have received some additional attention as well. I’ll definitely be picking up FF2 later on!

  2. Jeff on Thursday 25, 2010

    Yeah, I’m loving FF1. I’m not too interested in FF2 though… the leveling system was way too “unique” for me.

  3. WilhelmR on Thursday 25, 2010

    I thought they were bundling these in 1 app! I can’t imagine why they’d release both at the same time.. not the greatest idea from the marketing dept at Square :P

  4. Daniel on Thursday 25, 2010

    Ehh… I think the marketing was a stroke of genius.

    2 apps =

    1. people can play first one and decide for second.
    2. people will buy either one and not have to buy both.
    3. bundles would have cost less… separated they make more money.

    Just some thoughts on how I look at it. Although it would have been nice to bundle it… maybe they will release a bundle a little bit later?

  5. Nick on Thursday 25, 2010

    I don’t think there’s a need for a bundle. This is Final Fantasy we’re talking about! Both these games deserve to be sold separately and sell well.

  6. WilhelmR on Thursday 25, 2010

    I think they’d make more money just holding the release of the second one a few weeks to keep the momentum going.