Dizzypad Review: Look Before You Leap

Chances are, when the inevitable “what game should I get” question arises, one of several Nimblebit classics will often be the answer. Personally, Scoops and Sky Burger have permanent spaces on my iPod Touch and my parents even spend many an hour on Textropolis and Fishtropolis. So let’s call it a family addiction.

So of course when Dizzypad was released my interest was piqued. The premise could not be any simpler. Jump your frog as far as you can from lily pad to lily pad. Sound easy? Of course. Most of the casual games DO sound easy, but in actuality are harder than they appear. In this case, the lily pads are in constant spinning motion and your frog can only jump head first. So timing is of the essence here making the simplest of ideas brilliantly challenging.


Gameplay: With a single tap your frog will leap forward. The exact moment when you tap will be the difficult thing to determine. With the spinning lily pads your angles are affected by the spin and therefore it looks much simpler than it actually is. Skipping the next lily pad in the line will gain you another life, so the constant dilemma is do I jump to the closer lily pad for the sure thing, or do I risk a life by missing the harder leap but gain a life for my troubles if I make it? This is also the perfect game for those that are always looking for a new one handed game to play during a busy commute, or a long checkout line.

Achievements: With Plus Integration, Dizzypad has a ton of unlockable features built right in. A global scoreboard allows you to compare your score to the world. But by far the most addicting features are the achievements. For each achievement that you unlock, you are awarded a new frog to use in your games. From tree frogs to poison dart frogs, there is a limitless list of possibilities for your jumping pleasure.

Environment: The serenity of a koi pond is captured perfectly. The shadows of the fist below, the flittering dragonfly above, the subtle differences in lily pads, all add to the atmosphere. Even the sounds of crickets are captured in the background.

I was hard pressed trying to find something that I didn’t like about this game. So, because of all the time I have spent trying to fill my high score bar and unlock new frog skins, I really have to say the one thing I dislike is how addictive this game has become!  In summary, Nimblebit’s newest casual gamer Dizzypad is a must have for both Nimblebit fans and casual gamers alike. It features just enough challenge that will have you clamoring for more. The combination of strategy, challenge, and fun make this game an instant hit, one that will surely be added to that “what game should I get” list.

Dizzypad version 1.0 by Nimblebit was reviewed on a 2g iPod Touch with OS 3.x.  It is currently available for $1.99.

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