Eco Punk Review: Saving the World One Can at a Time

Do you want to recycle but can’t be bothered to put your iPhone down?  What about helping out the earth and keeping the world green? Well, then you are in luck.  Eco Punk to the rescue!  Using a simple concept as the main gameplay aspect, you”ll skateboard around the city intersection picking up trash while dodging the traffic. Though this may sound somewhat weird or boring, the end result is something that is extremely fun and unique.


Art Style: The art style is very edgy which works great for the atmosphere of the game.  The fonts in the menu systems also give the game a great 80s punk vibe.

Main Character: The Eco Punk himself is very charming.  He recites one of a couple pre-determined lines at the start of the game, but these comments grow on you very fast and become quite endearing. It’s easy to feel close to the character and try your best not to have him get run over by a car or something of the like.

Varied Game Modes: The three different game modes all feel very distinct and enjoyable in their own way. The variety that these different game modes have help provide even greater replay value. I’m particularly fond of Limebend; the speed of the traffic matches the speed with which you move Eco Punk around the screen.

Sound:  The music is hard and fast and really gives the game an edgy feel.  Sound effects are also great.  The blips in the menus are cool, and the trash pickup sounds add a real sense of urgency.  With each consecutive pickup the sound emitted from the game gets faster adding much needed pressure.


Death comes too easily: The game is meant to be played in short bursts, but it feels like you die far too easily.  A car glances you at low speed and you’re instant road kill.  This makes high score runs seem frustratingly out of reach at times.

Eco Punk is a very charming and light-hearted game that is great fun and hard to put down.  This game has earned a permanent spot on my play list and it should be on yours.  A perfect example of the quick-round type of gaming that is fast making its mark as the premiere game format for the iPhone, Eco Punk is a solid buy.

Eco Punk was developed by Nitako, and I played through version 1.03 of the game on my iPod Touch 3G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $0.99.

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