‘Brother In Arms 2’ Released into App Store

The long-awaited release of Brother In Arms 2 is over, as it has finally entered the fray.  After Gameloft’s release of NOVA, I’m sure most of us have some high expectations for Brothers In Arms 2.  Gameloft definitely showed that first-person shooters can work on the iPhone, so I’m definitely excited to see what new things were added in this version.

Unlike the first Brothers In Arms, Gameloft has changed it from a third-person shooter to a first-person shooter.  Along with that, the graphics have been improved tremendously to feature gorgeous environments and a lot smoother looking 3D environments.

Brothers In Arms 2 also has an online multiplayer mode to compete with people all around the world, five people in one match.  Along with that, there are three online multiplayer modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination.

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