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Hands-On with Chillingo’s ‘The Hero’

I remember the days not-so-far-away when The Incredibles was released from Pixar, and of course, my family and I went to go gaze at it in an overly-crowded movie theater.  And like all Pixar movies, I walked out thinking about the implied morals, and even more, on how well the film was created.

It was flashy, gutsy, action-packed, everything on the list a great PG movie could ever have.  Even to this day I hold The Incredibles as (please excuse the pun) an incredible movie, one that I hope receives some sort of sequel treatment.

But with all that movie talk aside, what does The Hero have anything to do with The Incredibles (stretchy pants aside)?  It’s flashy, gutsy, action-packed, and everything on the list for a great game; that’s what they have in common.  Right off the bat you’re forced to save the people from menacing enemies, whether it be bees or spiders.  It may even just be putting out a fire or saving a falling baby (which oddly has a parachute).

One of the major selling points I found with The Hero was the artwork; phenomenal.  It’s definitely very well designed, and much of the artwork looked outstanding.  The cartoony, 2D sprites definitely worked well in a title such as this, and the artwork was overall just outstanding.

The controls worked too, and while the trailer didn’t show it, there’s actually a virtual joystick controlling the hero.  The joystick is located on the left hand side of the screen in the corner, and while it isn’t a floating joystick, it is very workable.  I found the controls to be very accurate and very smooth, almost as if I was meant to touch my iPhone.

Expect The Hero to drop in stores soon.  For now, check out some additional screenshots.

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