Interview with Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team’s Enrique Corts

We recently previewed Pro Zombie Soccer by the Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, and it’s one title that we THOROUGHLY enjoyed.  We mean, with all our heart, we really enjoyed it.  And because of that, we caught up with founder Enrique Corts about their first iPhone title, Pro Zombie Soccer, which will be published by Chillingo.

NoDPad: We definitely had a kicking time with Pro Zombie Soccer. Where did you get the idea?

Enrique: Once upon a time on a summer afternoon, I was bored to tears at home, so I thought it could be fun to think about a new iPhone game I could do together with a programmer friend of mine.

I went to my bedroom, laid on my bed looking at the ceiling and thought to myself something like “Man, I need a super fun, successful, engaging and kind of viral idea for a new iPhone game. Like now.”

I had just re-read the awesome comic series ‘The Walking Dead’ and watched the ‘Dead Set’ tv series, so I was super pumped about the whole zombie theme. Plus, the FIFA game was on the top spot of the charts, so then it hit me…”Let´s mix zombies and soccer!” “So obvious!” haha.

So yeah, after two minutes of laying in my bed I had the Pro Zombie Soccer´s idea. That was fast. I think I should lay on that bed more often…haha.

On the gameplay side, I had thought before on a war themed game with a kind of similar control scheme, but the whole soccer & zombies idea sounded much more fun to do than the other one, so I just applied the gameplay from one game into the other.

NoDPad: From console to mobile. What’s the biggest difference you have noticed aside from graphical capabilities?

Enrique: Well, obviously the control methods are completely different. I´m one of those who think each platform really needs its own concepts and games, so one thing I was absolutely sure of before even firing up the iPhone SDK is that I wanted to do something that worked great on the device, not just ok-ish, taking advantage of its capabilities at full.  I’m not a big fan of the virtual pads, so gameplay wise we thought on a control system that would work 100% fine on the device, with no place for grey areas (which leads to player´s frustration) and I believe we achieved what we wanted.

NoDPad: What positives or negatives did you encounter with developing for the iPhone?

Enrique: I think there are far more positive things on the iPhone than negative.  First of all, I found everything associated with the app developing pretty straightforward. No need to buy an expensive devkit unit (well, that´s if you have a Mac already, of course) or to pay astounding fees to the platform holders. Also, the whole Appstore thing has been quite a revolution: You have a good idea for a game, you do it, you put it on sale for the whole world to pick it up. So simple and powerful. And the negative side of things is actually a product of those positive ones. Because it is so simple to make your own game and put it on sale, there are lots of really poor quality apps out there just littering the Appstore. Not nice as a customer or a developer. Also, if your game has some success, you are going to get cloned fairly soon, that´s for sure. It already happened to us and our game isn´t even out! Haha. Unbelievable.

NoDPad: Did you find any trouble in creating a control scheme?

Enrique: Well, we did some prototyping first with a slingshot-like control method and we weren’t happy with it, so then the current controls were the logical next step. In total, It took us two prototype iterations to get the game control scheme pretty spot on, so no, it wasn’t very tricky thankfully. Later came the accelerometer controlled satellite, which was also pretty easy to figure out because as I told you before, we are all up for taking advantage of the platform´s unique capabilities. There is a level later in the game where you´ll need to use multitouch controls, but no way I´m spoiling it! You´ll see it on the final version of Pro Zombie Soccer.

NoDPad: Any closing thoughts?

Enrique: We want to extend a huge thanks to all the press and fans coverage we are getting. We are just a bunch of friends having a blast working on our own project, so we are really happy people is enjoying the Pro Zombie Soccer demo so much! Every time we read a positive preview or comment about our game it gives us more energy to work even harder on it. And believe me when I say you haven´t seen the best of our game yet…Non-stop action, new zombies, the best original soundtrack on the device, unexpected original levels, funny story, Crystal, zombie body parts flying off, non-zombie body parts flying off… man, I could go on and on… haha.

Also, working with Chillingo is an awesome experience. I´ve had my fair share of dealing with publishers in the past and to be honest, we weren´t exactly sure about the idea of getting one of them on board, but these guys are not even remotely similar to those out there, in a good way. We are very happy to have been proven wrong. It´s all being a blast so far!

Sounds great!  Thank you for your time Enrique, and expect Pro Zombie Soccer to arrive in the App Store soon.  For now, check out our hands-on gameplay video for Pro Zombie Soccer.

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