‘Zombie Wonderland’: An Upcoming Shooter from Chillingo

And yet another title upcoming from Chillingo: Zombie Wonderland.  Now hold on a sec, “zombie” and “wonderland” all in the same title?  How can this be?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something more on the lines of “Zombie Hell” or “Zombie Layer”, but “Zombie Wonderland”?  A wonderland of zombies… maybe I’m overthinking this a bit too much.

Anyhow, I have received word that this will be an upcoming shooter from Chillingo, and it has been finished in terms of development.  Chillingo plans on submitting the game by the end of the month, meaning an early March release.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Minigore-esque graphics, and I’m excited to see a game such as this arrive to the App Store.

The game is described as follows:

His duty is to keep the zombies at bay and maintain an impeccable floor. His job is to shoot his beloved shotgun Betsy until his shoulder hurts and his face is cramping because of that stupid smile. He works the graveyard shift because it’s always twilights and long nights for a Zombie Cleaner!

And the controls:

Zombie Wonderland makes perfect use of the touch screen interface on the iPhone. Pinch to zoom in or out; swipe sideways to rotate the camera; tap a zombie and Chuck will shoot him, tap again for another dose of hot lead. Tap a window and Chuck will run to it, where you can then use your hammer to nail some planks to the window and keep the scent fresh in the house. Swipe up and down to clean the floors from zombie gut splash.

Sound good?  There will be three enemy types along with four locations in the initial release version.  We’ll bring you more information once they become available.

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