Comet Racer Review

Simple, addictive gameplay, rockets and time trials are the order of the day in Donut GamesComet Racer. A casual game at its heart, the object of the game is to complete courses with the best possible time. Along the way, you’ll hit boost panels, gather power-ups and race against the ghosts of your previous best scores for each stage. Do you have what it takes to best yourself and to win the triple star achievement completion times?!

Its a race from Point A to Point B over 25 stages of space aged action. The clock is your enemy, with your total times over all courses adding up to your globally published score on the leader boards. Collisions and collecting missiles will end you. Scoring three stars on each stage will push you to your limits.


Shiny: Comet Racer is a game polished to perfection. It’s pushes a simple concept to maximum efficiency, culminating in an addictively simple, casual gameplay experience. The controls are spot on, the graphics attractive and all other pieces in place.

Replay Value: On replaying levels, you will compete against your own best time for a new high score. Besting your own times gives you all the reason you need to keep playing, and racing your ghost keeps the pressure on while you play.


Well gosh, there aren’t any.

Comet Racer isn’t overly ambitious; it’s simple, addictive fun. This is a casual game worth experiencing, easy to pick up and play, difficult to master. Completing each stage should come easily enough for novice players, but reaching those high scores will push even the most hardcore of gamers. Comet Racer truly appeals to all skill levels.

Comet Racer is developed by Donut Games, available for $0.99. Reviewed on an iPhone 3G.

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