Gameloft News: February Video Podcast, ‘Rayman’ Teaser Trailer

Gameloft hasn’t been exactly loud in the App Store in terms of presence, but that’s about to change with its release of GT Racing along with it’s new February video podcast.  This podcast shows off Brother in Arms 2 gameplay along with GT Racing and a 3-in-1 Sports pack, including Let’s Golf, Real Tennis, and Real Baseball.

The most interesting thing about the podcast would have to be Brothers in Arms 2, a game that looks to be taking over NOVA as the top first-person shooter on the iPhone.  The people over at Gameloft did mention that there will be up to 6 people in an online multiplayer mode, versus the 4 found in Modern Combat Sandstorm’s online multiplayer.

And in other under-the-radar news, a new teaser trailer for Rayman has been released.  That’s right, Rayman will be released for the iPhone.  According to the trailer, it looks to be closer to Rayman 2 rather than the 2D sprites found in the older models.  Rayman definitely joins the list as one of my most anticipated games of February/March.  Look for more info once they are available.

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One thought on “Gameloft News: February Video Podcast, ‘Rayman’ Teaser Trailer

  1. Ubi. Quit the remakes, PLEEEEEASE!!! You can’t be that strapped – I hear Imagine:Babies has sold a record number…
    That said, at least Rayman’s still (vaguely) alive. Maybe they’re teasing us, putting us off their trail; I’m being too optimistic, aren’t I?

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