X2 Snowboarding Released!


That’s what happens to the snow when you carve your way through X2 Games’ newly released X2 Snowboarding.  Released today, this game is available for $6.99 and is shaping up to be the best snowboarding experience on the iDevice as of yet. The graphics are really well done, my favorite part of this being the cel-shaded boarders. With 6 different characters from 6 different countries, and 6 different levels the content in this game is pretty big. There are boards to unlock, and while looking through the settings menu I saw a spot to enter cheat codes, and the list looked pretty fun.  And oh yeah, how could I forget?  There’s a ton of gnarly tricks to perform.

My favorite part of the game so far is the ability to rewind time, going back if you have had a major wipeout and fixing what you did to score more points, or just stick a nice landing.  There are three types of gameplay for each level; Race, Freestyle, and Trick Race.  In Trick Race you have to keep doing tricks while your score decreases, keeping it above 0.  Be looking for a full review of X2 Snowboarding from us shortly.

I recorded a hands-on video of the 4th level from the game:

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