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Hands-On Preview with ‘Caligo Chaser’ from Com2us

You know Hybrid Eternal Whisper from Gamevil, and maybe some other titles from other indie devs, but Com2us‘s game Caligo Chaser may be nothing more than a name of a game to you.  But honestly, this is more than a name of a game; this is a game.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a game that will blow off your socks, but it’s a game that will slightly nudge them off your feet.

The first thing that I noticed right off the bat was the soundtrack.  It consists of heavy metal riffs along with some piano keys that seem to slightly give homage to Zelda.  I found the soundtrack to be one of the key factors in the game, and while it wasn’t out of this world, it’s definitely well composed.

Another feature that Com2us seemed to nail with this title are the combo attacks, and while they aren’t as elaborate as Hybrid: Eternal Whisper, the controls handle the combos well.  There are parts of the game when the simplistic combo system is pretty much all you need, and all you really feel like accomplishing is hitting the monsters as fast and as many times as possible.

I haven’t gotten too far into the game as I’ve had trouble doing so, but the overall game seems to be shaping up.  I’m not a huge fan of the somewhat pixelated graphics, and the controls were a bit too small for my hand, even though I have some of the smallest hands in the history of man hands.  Either way, it’s a game that should definitely be on your watch when it is released.

Caligo Chaser has been submitted and should be available soon.  Fans of Hybrid Eternal Whisper will find this game to be a lot less complex, and it’s more of a game for casual gamers.  If you’re familiar with Inotia: Wanderer of Luone’s quest system, then you should be familiar with Caligo Chaser, as it’s basically going from one quest to another.

We should have a full review up once the game is released.

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