2360: Battle for Cydonia updated

Brisk Mobile‘s 1.0.1 update to 2360: Battle for Cydonia hit the app store today. The update is primarily a maintenance release, but addresses a significant bug originally reported in my review where money awarded on mission completion wasn’t added to your total funds, creating a major game imbalance by hampering your ability to upgrade your mech to fight against increasingly stronger foes. The bug is now fixed, and money tallies as it should. Time to get your game on, folks.

2360: Battle for Cydonia is an excellent top-down mecha shooter, featuring ambidextrous combat, excellent multi-touch controls and nonstop action. I rated the game a Must-Have in my review, and stand by that call.

One thought on “2360: Battle for Cydonia updated

  1. Awesome review, the best I’ve seen for this game. And speaking of the game, it rocks! Intense shooting action with a perfect control scheme, in my opinion. Could go for some more varied backgrounds, but other than that it’s pretty much flawless.

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