Metal Wars Review: Creaky Joints and Rusty Weapons

I’ve played my fair share of mecha and robot fighting games, but not many of them have stacked up very well on the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, Metal Wars by Goorusoft was released some time ago, and it was another arena fighting robot game – except it wasn’t in top down view, it was in 3D. This alone intrigued me to no end, and I wondered what the gameplay would be like. After trying it out for some time, I found it to be just another run-of-the-mill dual-stick shooter.


Customization: You can unlock new weapons and mech parts after almost every battle, and getting the newer ones is always a fun experience. What’s more, you can choose from three different paint jobs for your mech (if you’re willing to pay a paltry five gold). The different themes are snowy, sand camouflauge, and red. This level of customization isn’t deep, but its adequate enough for players to enjoy themselves.

Graphics: The 3D graphics are great. Everything from the models to the weapons are nicely done, and the effects aren’t bad either. If you’re looking for solid graphics, this game has it. Though it can’t be classified as great, Metal Wars has some pretty good graphics.

Fights: The duke-outs are pretty enjoyable – they’re genuinely fun and the special effects are well done. The gameplay is rock-solid, and the amount of equipment you can unlock is adequate. All in all, the fights in the game are pretty solid, especially since you can order a second robot to join the fray with you and tell them to “Hold,” “Attack,” or “Follow.” Using your pal as cannon fodder is always good, but you get a bonus reward at the end of each stage if he’s still alive, so the game requires skill and strategy.


Arenas: The arenas are bland, drab, and all there isn’t much variation, since the arena seems to change only every ten stages or so. Some environmental factors and decorations would be much appreciated, since everything looks so blocky and boring.

Weapons: The weapons are all pretty much the same in terms of damage, and it seems that only the fire rate and visual effects are different. I do about the same amount of damage shooting for ten seconds with the missile launcher and shooting for ten seconds with the most basic weapon. A customization factor is present, but since the weapons are all basically the same, it boils down to different robot parts and different skins, which is not adequate enough for me to play the game for more than a few minutes at a time.

Metal Wars is a good mecha brawler, but don’t expect anything new or revolutionary. I had a fun time with it, but in the end it just didn’t have the content, flexibility, or uniqueness for it to be an outstanding game. Right now, it’s just average. Hopefully, in the future it’ll get better, but as of now it’ll only be fun for a niche audience – hardcore robot and mecha fighting fans.

Metal Wars was developed by Goorusoft, and I played through version 1.15 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $1.99.

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