‘Call of Duty: World At War Zombies’ DLC Releasing January 29th?

According to the rumor mill, the new map for COD: WAW will be released on Friday, January 29th.  The cost of the map (yes, one map) will be $5.99, a cost I’m sure most iPhone gamers aren’t willing to pay.  Of course, Activision is milking the money for all its worth because they can, and there’s no question that people will buy the map for that price.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the DLC model Activision has taken.  It’s definitely expensive for many people including me, and there should have been more maps released with the initial version anyway.  Either way, Activision is set on the February 29th release.

They have also released the first screenshot for the map, Verruckt.  It looks to include the same quality as the initial release map, and quality shouldn’t be a question in one’s mind.  If you haven’t tried COD: WAW for the iPhone yet, I suggest downloading the lite version.

Screenshot reproduced for convenience

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3 thoughts on “‘Call of Duty: World At War Zombies’ DLC Releasing January 29th?

  1. hmm nice article… its all rumours and yet you are having a massive rant about how crap it all is!! Why don’t you wait and see what the price is?

  2. I fail to see how the post is a massive rant. Either way, I’m just basing my thoughts from the rumors. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see.

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