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Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons FREE

No D-pad has just learned that the great single screen RPG/puzzler hybrid Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons is free for a limited time in the app store.  Even if you think this game might not be your cup of tea, we recommend at least downloading it and taking a look; it’s two prequels (Aurora Feint and Aurora Feint II: The Beginning) have been surprisingly solid titles.  Aurora Feint II: The Beginning even won iPGN’s Game of the Year in 2008.  Take advantage of the offer while you can.

  1. Christopher on Saturday 23, 2010

    This offer has expired. :(

  2. WilhelmR on Saturday 23, 2010

    Too bad you didn’t get it.. but you should still try one of the aurora feint versions, fun game :]