‘Cocoto Kart Online’ Free for Today via Free App A Day

UPDATE: You need to download the free version of the game, and you’ll receive all the single-player levels for free.  It’s still a good deal, and the online multiplayer mode will only cost you $0.99.  Please note, again, that Cocoto Kart Online itself is not free; you’ll need to download the free version of the game to access the free single-player levels.

We really haven’t cover FreeAppADay.com much, but with some notable games rolling out, I think it’s about time.  Hosted by ICS Mobile, the creators of Navy Patrol, they will reveal a free app everyday for (I’m guessing) the entire year, and each app will be free for one day and one day only.

Today’s free app goes to Cocoto Kart Online, an online kart racing game in the veins of Mario Kart and others.  In our review, I found the game to be a solid racer, and the online experience was very smooth.  Coming from Eurocenter, an online multiplayer developing wizard, you should expect some high-quality online experiences from them.

I’m going to be very stern and stubborn in saying that you really should download the game.  And download it now before it goes back up in price as this is a deal that could never happen again.

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2 thoughts on “‘Cocoto Kart Online’ Free for Today via Free App A Day

  1. Actually, the online version is still paid. But for today, all the single player levels of the Cocoto Kart Free version will be included in the download.

    You can still buy the online mode for 0.99 in-app.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, I’ve added an update to correct the post. Kinda shaky when they’re listing Cocoto as free when it’s only the single player levels.

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