Bight Games: ‘Puzzlings’ Now Free, ‘Fleeced: Sheer Terror’ Released

There was once an orange, plump character walking on the yellow brick road until all of a sudden he (or she, it’s really hard to tell) ran into a bunch of puzzles out of the middle of nowhere.  Now, these puzzles also somehow gave him money and points once they were completed, giving him the ability to wear different clothes and more odd stuff.

And for some reason, he wore the oddest of clothings, including wigs, noses, and weird, horn-like hats.  And that’s exactly how Puzzlings was formed.  Just kidding, I have no tangible clue on how Puzzlings was formed, and it really doesn’t matter with the fact that it’s now free.  Yep, Bight Games is now offering their highly-acclaimed match-3 game for free under the name “PuzzlingsXXX“.  Weird name change, but either way, it’s free.

My character for Puzzlings... ugliest creature alive?

The reason for the price change would have to really be only one reason: to promote their new game Fleeced: Sheer Terror.  And I really have no clue what that game (Fleeced) is about either, except for the description of trying to break down your opponent’s wall.  In other words, an artillery game of some sorts almost similar to those turn-based artillery games you see once in a while.

Either way, I suggest you pick up Puzzlings before it goes back up.  The name change (XXX… really?) is beyond me, but hey, it’s free.  As for Fleeced: Sheer Terror, that game will cost you $3.99, a justifiable price if the online multiplayer actually works.

Short game description for Fleeced: Sheer Terror

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