Updates for ‘Madden 10’ on iPhone

Madden 10 was quite a disappointment on the iPhone, featuring some mediocre graphics and an overall mediocre style.  In our review, I mentioned how the game was way too easy along with lacking in true reality.  Of course, price was yet another issue I pointed out and one that I still somewhat stands, although Madden should be around the $6.99 price tag by now.

But unlike NFL 2010 developers, Gameloft, EA Mobile has done a solid job of improving the game experience via updates, almost three that have been released after the review for the game was written.  The most updated version, 1.2.4, has added a new difficulty level along with audibles and other small adjustments, putting Madden 10 back in the races as the best football experience on the iPhone.

Along with that, Madden 10 has added a new Madden Shop for roster updates, different uniforms, and a free playoff mode for the 2010 season; featuring the teams currently playing in the playoffs: Jets, Saints, Colts, Cardinals, Vikings, and more.  The DLC packs are quite expensive, with the uniform pack being $1.99 and a roster update $0.99.  Either way, it’s a solid way for hardcore football fans such as myself to increase the replay value of the game.

The only thing I truly regret about Madden 10 on the iPhone are the graphics, and while the animations are smoother than NFL 2010, the graphics still look a little off.  It will be a long shot for EA Mobile to upgrade the graphics at all, but still, here’s to hoping.

For now, I believe EA Mobile did a solid job with updating a once sorrowful excuse of a game, and I’m starting to enjoy Madden more and more.  There are still some fixes needed to be made, such as adding a play clock, but the development team for all EA’s sports titles are on the right track.

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