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Freebies for the Weekend: ‘Dark Nebula’ and ‘World of Tunes’

Nothing is ever free, which is a true statement, but no one really cares in this case.  Developers for Dark Nebula and World of Tunes have decreased the price of their games to free, both of which are extremely well made games.  For those just starting their journey in the App Store world, I suggest you pick these titles up while the deal lasts.

World of Tunes is a rhythm game that depends on you tapping the music note at the right time.  It will jump onto your screen, and you must tap the note once it gets flat onto the music board.  Of course, as I’m not a good explainer, it would be best to download the game and play for yourself.  Com2us has proven to be a solid iPhone developer, and World of Tunes does not seem to be exempt from their reputation.

Dark Nebula, on the other hand, is basically a ball roller in which you manipulate the marble through tight areas.  I found the game to be very well made, yet lacked in content and some variations, but for free it’s really worth a download.  Episode 2 has yet to arrive, and for now, it wouldn’t be far away from stating that Dark Nebula will turn freemium, free with DLC, once episode 2 has been released.

I suggest you download the freebies before they rise back in price, as I’ve missed some great, free opportunities.  These are definitely deals you shouldn’t miss, and it will only last until the weekend is over.

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