OpenFeint Stand-Alone App Released

OpenFeint, a social platform similar to Xbox Live, is present in thousands of iPhone games from hidden, indie ones to App Store awesomes.  And ever since it was first released, the developers have been keen on improving the platform more and more after receiving some competition from ngmoco’s Plus+ network.

The new 2.4 update to OpenFeint has improved the user interface even more, including an in-game OpenFeint forums to chat in.  Along with version 2.4, the people at OpenFeint have decided to include a Gold version for those special games.  For now, the only game that seems to hold the gold is Fieldrunners, one of the first tower defense games on the App Store.

The stand-alone application should be worth a download also, including instant messaging between friends and bringing social to the next level.  There’s also a free game of the day everyday (for who knows how long) and more features that aren’t included in an OpenFeint-powered game.

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