Assassin’s Creed II Out for $11.99

After a long time wait for Assassin’s Creed II on the iPhone, it’s finally out.  But quite disappointingly (word?), the game is available for the most expensive price for a game on the App Store: $11.99.  While I didn’t expect the price to be as high as it is, it’s definitely a lot less than the DS version, right?

I would have to say there are some benefits of Gameloft publishing instead of Ubisoft, and pricing seems to be one of them.  Either way, my brother seems to be freaking of the release and I’m sure most long-time AC fans will be drooling.  Graphics seem to be a major feature for the game compared to other games, and like the DS version, the graphics seem to be the same.

I should be a little skeptical on this one, and you should wait for some reviews before taking the plunge.  $11.99 is quite a hefty price tag, and there’s really not many people that are willing to cough up that much for a mobile game.  Either way, we should have some first impressions before the initial review.

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5 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed II Out for $11.99

  1. Yeah, not a chance I’m touching it till it falls in price. It’s not just that its $12. It’s that it’s $12 and I already have 300+ other iphone games.

  2. Ubisoft is publishing Assassin’s Creed this time around (vs Gameloft before), and they are much newer to the iPhone community. It’ll be interesting to see how well it sells at this price point. I think the name will carry it to the top of the charts despite the price. At least to the top of the grossing charts.

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