Running With Scissors: Pre-Season Review: Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Now jogging, running, etc. has always been a bad memory for me, bringing back memories of conditioning and all that great stuff.  Of course, running is quite necessary for your body to keep it in shape and whatnot, but again, it’s not always the best.

Running With Scissors, on the other hand, seems to be provide more joy than tire and while there are still some flaws, the gameplay shows some promise.  While the tutorial does seem to be more of an “in your face” type of thing, the developers did a good job of ensuring that you know what you’re doing.


Collectables: Personally, I really liked the customization.  While it’s not very extensive in terms of items, I just enjoyed the thought of dressing my stick figure up, including the fact that you can change its color.  While there does need to be some more items, the feature itself is quite welcoming.

Unique: You’re not going to find an experience like this anywhere else.  I’m surprised something like this hasn’t been made, but then again, there are many things the iPhone hasn’t exactly released yet.  The game itself pits you against other AI in a race, using two fingers as means for an ultimate victory.  I’ve never played a game like it, and I don’t think I ever will anywhere else.

Content: It’s still pre-season, but it’s packed with around 3 or 4 hours of content.  It’s not bad considering the amount of other games available, and I found it to be quite extensive.  Like the most of you, I can’t live on promised updates to move me to buy the game, but the content is packed enough to have me not worry.  Plus+ leaderboards and achievements are coming in the next version, but this one should be enough for most until the next version arrives.


Interface: It’s probably one of the ugliest interfaces I have ever encountered, with a lousy customization menu and annoying, Apple-like popups.  While it is an indie dev and whatnot, design definitely needs some work.  The high-res graphics and artwork boasted in the iTunes description is far from correct, and it would be nice if the developers would pay some more attention to the interface.

Repetitive: It does start to become really repetitive as all it really is is jump, fly, and run.  Along with that, it’s mostly just franticly swiping your two fingers down on the screen, providing more of a frantic and out-of-control gameplay than a strategic one.  There are no variants to the game that I’ve seen so far, and it would be nice to increase some of the replay value.

Expensive: $4.99 is quite expensive for a game of this type, and personally, I don’t think it correlates from price to gameplay.  I know it seems as if I’m not supportive of higher prices, but honestly, $4.99 can get you a PC game on Ebay or Craig’s List.  I just don’t think that the price in these App Store markets is justified through the gameplay.

Running With Scissors: Pre-season is named correctly: pre-season.  It would have been much nicer for the developers to complete the full game experience before releasing the game, and the season excitement just isn’t quite there yet.  For now, it’s more of an overpriced demo of what’s to come, and now is not the time to really buy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the game itself.  But wrong pricing along with a horrid interface and repetitiveness has lowered the score quite a bit.  I would love the developers to build up on the criticism displayed here, and I absolutely loved the game idea.  Either way, it still needs some improvement.

Running With Scissors: Pre-season was developed by sLeek Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99.

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  1. THIS GAMES AMAZING!! I cant wait until the full version gets released! cant wait to unlock all the goodies! WOOOOO

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