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New Character Class Coming to ‘Inotia: Wanderer of Luone’

Now in all RPGs, there’s the three basic characters: the knight, the mage, and the elf.  The knight is usually associated with swordsmanship, the mage with magic, and the elf with bows and arrows.  Now Inotia features five character classes, but instead of the elf archer, a thief with daggers and other little gadgets.

And it only makes sense to add an archer right?  I guess Com2us decided upon that along with fans of the game, and according to our buddies over at Com2us, the archer will be included in the next update.  The archer, according to Com2us, will be able to attack from a long distance just like the mage, and have as much damage as the thief.

Along with the new ranger class, the new update will add some DLC for those looking for a little boost.  Along with larger backpacks and stronger mercenaries, the DLC will be more of a bonus or boost rather than content packs.  Com2us has been a little expensive with the DLC, but expect each one to cost around $0.99.

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