Funkyball Worlds Review: Definitely A Roller

Now ball rollers, marble rollers, whatever they are, have been available in the App Store for quite some time with the release of Super Monkey Ball on opening day.  But the rate of production for these type of games doesn’t seem to get any slower, with the release of Funkyball Worlds from Handmark.

Personally, I think of Handmark as an up and down publisher, with some good releases and some bad.  Funkyball Worlds, fortunately for the developer, fits right in with the good; offering tons of content, wonderful artwork, and many different achievements.


Content: For $0.99, you basically get around 7 or more hours of gameplay and around 70 different levels across 3 different difficulty levels.  It’s probably one of the largest $0.99 game available right now, and you’re definitely getting a steal for a game of this type.  If you’re looking for a content-filled, cheap game, Funkyball Worlds is filled with more than even a $2.99 game.

Artwork: Funkyball Worlds’s graphics aren’t Gameloft, but they aren’t Bouncedown from Jagex either.  I thought the artwork was above average in terms of a grading scale, and it’s definitely one of the better ones.  I had no problems with the artwork whatsoever, and the design was beautifully rendered on the screen.  It looks quite professional if you ask me.

Controls: Touch and tilt controls seem to be the standard these days, and that’s exactly what they added.  While I didn’t like the accelerometer controls, the touch controls were quite accurate, and I didn’t have many problems with them.  The buttons were responsive, jumping was responsive, and the overall control scheme worked hand in hand with the gameplay.


Frustrating: Games like these always have a source of frustrations, whether it being not able to jump to the next platform or continuing to die again and again.  Of course, this usually does lead to frustration as I was during some levels.  For those looking for a relaxing type of game, you won’t find it here.  It’s intense, hardcore at times, and can get a little bit frustrating.

Difficulty: I found that even the easy levels were quite difficult, and while this may be enjoyable to some, it may not for others.  I didn’t exactly find it to be a huge bother, but for those looking for a gold medal, it’ll definitely be difficult for you to achieve that achievement.  I’ve been earning the lowest level medal for almost all the levels now, and the difficulty should be toned down just a little bit.

Funkyball Worlds, while difficult, is a very solid game for only $0.99.  It’s cheap, filled with content, and looks really nice.  Along with that, it comes packaged with 33 OpenFeint achievements, a lot more than the usual game.  I was impressed with Funkyball Worlds, and if you’re a fan of marble rollers, it’s definitely a solid title to pick up.

Funkyball Worlds was developed by Handmark, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.

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