Updates Galore: Speed Forge Extreme, Jet Car Stunts, and More

Maybe Apple has finally awoken from its holiday hibernation, maybe not.  But either way, yesterday seemed to be one of those “update release days” as I’ve received almost 32 updates within a matter of minutes.  While I haven’t exactly updated every single game, here’s a few that I thought were pretty notable.

Jet Car Stunts: Huge, huge, HUGE issue I had with this game was the difficulty.  Blah, blah, blah, best game on the iPhone?  Whatever.  But with the addition of a tutorial and a casual mode, I can only hope the game will be significantly easier.  Of course, if it isn’t, I expect the less-skilled to riot and cause some havoc to the developers, forcing yet another update.  Either way, I’m glad the game has finally been made a little bit easier.

Speed Forge Extreme: Major problem I had with this game was engine noises.  Seems like there were engine noises all along; they just weren’t loud enough above the music.  Fortunately, the developers of Speed Forge Extreme have tweaked their vehicles to make the engines sound louder, along with the ability to listen to iPod music as an added bonus.  The version 1.1 update also has added a first-person perspective, one that I wasn’t really expecting, but still awesome nonetheless.

Hook Champ: Being our October Game of the Month, Hook Champ has always been one of our favorites.  The new update adds more content yet again, with Hookbot as a new character along with a Mega Hook, 24 new hats, 5th rocketjump fuel tank, and some new Christmasy looks for Jake, Gunny, and Hookbot.  All in all, it’s a good update for those looking for some new clothes to fashion up your characters.

Fieldrunners: One of the first TD games in the App Store, Fieldrunners has always been a classic.  It has been updated to feature the new OpenFeint Gold Edition.  And now before you start foaming at the mouth, it’s basically OpenFeint with a new interface.  There’s nothing special about it, no special features, just a new look.  While it’s a little disappointing, it’s still wonderful to see some added achievements.  Along with OpenFeint Gold, there are two new maps available for DLC, each map costing $0.99 each.

iBlast Moki: It’s one of the best puzzle games on the App Store, and it only seems to be getting better.  The new version 1.2 update updates the graphics, adds 15 new levels, a new Doodleworld, an all new level editor design, and some other minor fixes.  It’s a noteworthy update, that again, costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time.  If you haven’t picked up this game yet, I suggest you to right now before it’s too late and the world comes to an end.

SpringFling: It’s like Doodle Jump, yet prettier, quirkier, and just a little bit different to justify the buy.  The new update adds 9 new clothing pieces for your spring along with a new powerup, giving you the ability to fly up through the level.  If you’re a fan of Doodle Jump, I suggest you pick this one up as well, being the only, truly worthy alternative

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I have been an iPhone game addict ever since the NES emulator came out on the 1.1.4 iPhone 2G. After 2.0 and the App Store came out, my iPhone homescreen has never been the same. Other than writing reviews for App Store games, I play soccer/football, American football, volleyball, and golf. I love going to the beach and fishing on the pier. Some games not available on iPhone/iPod Touch that I truly love are the Call of Duty series, Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 09, and PGR: Gotham Racing.

3 thoughts on “Updates Galore: Speed Forge Extreme, Jet Car Stunts, and More

  1. The Fieldrunners “update” was completely disappointing.. they just added 2 new maps, and you have to pay for them.. feels like a ripoff.

    iBlast Moki update is probably the best of the bunch, lots of new levels included, for FREE! They should change the name to iLove Moki. 😛

  2. A few additional updates that got me excited:

    Blade Master

    Fixes quite a lot of the issues I had with the game in my review. It now plays better than ever, and I’m tempted to bumped my rating of the game up from “Worth A Look” to “Buy”. There’s still room for improvement, but the game is feeling good.

    – Larger controls
    – Faster movement
    – Separated sound channels for BGM and SFX
    – Bug fixes and performance improvements

    Space Invaders: Infinity Gene

    The App Store’s best schmup just got a lot better. I love the evolved music stages; they totally rock, and not just because I was playing to Them Crooked Vultures.

    – Open Feint support with global leaderboard, in-game achievements, Facebook and Twitter support
    – New stages
    – Better music stages generated from your music library (I’ve played a few of these, and they were amazing)
    – Players can now rate their music stages and recommend to others

    Chronicles of Inotia: Wanderer of Luone

    I booted the update, and one of the first things I noticed was the graphical overhaul. A lot of the skill icons have been improved, and my thief’s armor — which had previously looked just like the started armor — had been complete redesigned with a look all its own; and it looks fantastic. Overall, the game plays and feels better, which is really something, because it felt great before.

    – Improved performance
    – Improved AI ranged attacks
    – Improved graphics and more graphics
    – Bug fixes


    One of my very favorite games from 2009, Flatspace doesn’t get the love it deserves. A very minor update this time around, but worth noting nonetheless. The economic updates should improve the game’s pacing.

    – Increased starting money
    – Decreased equipment prices
    – Stations now protect your ship during docking

    The Void

    Another open space shooter, less RPG than Flatspace, but still worth checking out. Suffered some serious crashing issues in the last version, and thankfully fixed with this update.

    – Updated to Open Feint 2.4
    – Supports playback of your own music
    – Fixed the crash-inducing memory leak (yay!)
    – Fully updated for OS 3.1.2

    Red Conquest

    The learning curve on this one is huge, which makes a pretty difficult entry barrier to penetrate. This update works to improve the situation and the extra help is most welcome.

    – Added “Easy Skirmish” mode
    – Improved loading
    – Lowered difficulty curve for early levels
    – Added a new campaign level to explain basic tactics
    – Made it very easy to skip dialogue sequences
    – Graphical improvements and bug fixes


    More guests, more gore, more good. Though I’m feeling put off by the DLC, being as free episodic content was promised from the game’s inception.

    – Gangster Gore: a more sinister side to John Gore
    – New characters: Lizzy and Ninjaman from Sway, and the guy from Zombieville USA
    – Dual wielding grenade launchers
    – Kid Gore revamped
    – Updated to Open Feint 2.4

    Zombieville USA

    With OMG Pirates! done and out, Zombieville rises from the grave with a cool new update.

    – New characters: 7 unique characters with different attributes affecting gameplay
    – Level milestones allowing you to resume the action based on previous games’ progress
    – Separate controls for BGM and SFX


    – New Supernova mode
    – Statistics
    – Improved battery life
    – Improved performance
    – and more …

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