Speed Forge Extreme Review: Finally, Finally, FINALLY

You can probably pick up on my excitement of Speed Forge Extreme, as I have been waiting and waiting for a true Wipeout clone; not even, just a good futuristic racer.  I’m  a huge sucker for futuristic racers, but haven’t exactly found the perfect one on the iPhone, until now.  While Speed Forge Extreme isn’t perfect, it’s definitely a lot more playable than the rest, offering some of the best game music and graphics I’ve seen.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up Chillingo’s futuristic racer, you really shouldn’t be thinking anymore.  It’s one of the best of the pack, displaying what the future holds in store for the iPhone.  Many have attempted, and many have failed.  But Speed Forge Extreme did a great job with executing, and I was more than happy with my purchase of Speed Forge Extreme.


Graphics: All good games usually have to look good.  That’s just a policy of mine; it doesn’t work vice versa.  While there are the 1% few that play extremely well but look horrible, the above stated is usually the case.  Speed Forge Extreme seems to nail it right in the moneybags with some of the best looking graphics on the iPhone, including a blur effect on the 3GS and third gen iPod Touch for even better visuals.

But don’t be discouraged if you’re a previous gen owner.  The game looks and runs great on an iPod Touch 2G, as I’ve tested the game on both devices.  The graphics look sharp, clean, and best of all, futuristic.  The track design was another big plus to the game, and the visuals are beyond any other futuristic racer we’ve seen so far.

Controls: This is another area that futuristic racers fail to execute, including Handmark’s Phaze and others.  Speed Forge Extreme did a great job with executing with the controls, and the tilt was flawless along with the inclusion of touch controls; another yet flawless implementation.

Music: Oh my gosh.  Using Bose On-Ear Headphones, the game simply sounds magical.  Of course, you won’t need such an expensive set of headphones to feel the heat; it sounds magical either way.  The soundtrack is so magical in fact, that I would actually listen to it on my iPod; it’s that good.  I usually stray away from listening to game music as most are not my type, and while I’m not a pronounced techno or hip hop fan, Speed Forge Extreme sounds too good to be true.

I can truly tell that the developer has some professional working at his/her music department, and the music was beyond me.  It added much to the already immersive atmosphere, and I was extremely impressed with how the game sounded.  If I could ask one request, could you guys put this on iTunes?


Vehicle Sounds: I love to hear the deep growls and vrooms of an engine, whether it be on a Ford GT or a Porsche 911 Carrera.  But Speed Forge Extreme was lacking these deep growls; not even deep, but absolutely nothing.  It may just be that the upbeat music droned out the sounds, but still, the lack of vehicle sounds may make the game sound awkward for some.  Either way, please add this in an update; very much appreciated.  Sincerely, Daniel.

Mini-Map: I can never tell where I’m truly going, and without a mini-map, it’s hard to traverse through the shady track.  Again, this is a feature that’s not exactly necessary but would be nice if included.  If you have a hard time following the track without a mini-map, then you’re probably in for a rough ride.

Multiplayer: Or lack, thereof.  There’s no real competition in this game, and when you’re in the car with a friend or brother, Speed Forge Extreme is the last game you think of when playing on your iDevice.  Again, it’s not necessary but would be nice if included.  I’m a multiplayer freak, and the lack of it is somewhat saddening.

Menu Designs: The buttons are too bulky, the design is too clumsy, and I didn’t enjoy the menu designs much.  It would  have been nice if there was a nice, large SPEED FORGE EXTREME on the top with the menu options below.  They’re a little hard to follow also, but I guess they’ll do for now.

Speed Forge Extreme is the best futuristic racer I’ve come across on the iPhone, but it’s not perfect by any means.  While it does have it’s flaws, it has a wonderful career mode to make up for it along with some pretty looking graphics.  Looking for the future right now?  Speed Forge Extreme holds the future right now, and I’m excited to see how the developers will improve upon Speed Forge Extreme.  For now, it’s enough to keep you drooling for more.

Speed Forge Extreme was published by Chillingo, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99.

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