Huge NoDPad Holiday Promo Code Giveaway!

So we at NoDPad have been thinking, what with it being the holiday season and all that, we should reward our readers and get into the holiday spirit of giving with a HUGE promo code giveaway. I’ve compiled a huge list of choice titles and games to give away, and it’s pretty mind-boggling how many great games we have to give away this year. However, this couldn’t have been done without all the nice developers out there, so let’s give them a shout out and a big round of applause! Without further ado, here’s the list of codes.

Battle for Wesnoth – 9 codes

Sword of Fargoal – 1 code

Plushed – 1 code

Homerun Battle 3D – 6 codes

BloodNGuns – 3 codes

Babel Rising – 1 code

Cell War – 5 codes

Twin Blades – 4 codes

iPirate – 5 codes

9000 BC – 5 codes

Dead Strike  – 2 codes

Trigger Happy Christmas – 5 codes

AirBear – 2 codes

BioSub – 2 codes

Car Mania – 2 codes

Aqua Globs – 3 codes

WordsWorth – 7 codes

Fish Fun – 7 codes

Wordulous – 5 codes

Pocket Clinic – 5 codes

Christmas Sudoku – 2 codes

Flatspace – 1 code


Are you excited yet? Well, you’re going to be even more excited when I tell you the rules! All you have to do is:

1. Create an account in our forums and comment on the holiday giveaway thread stating which five games you want the most, and why we should give one of them to YOU. The people that give the most legitimate, random, or funny reasons will get one game out of their five choices. I’ll be sending out five to eight codes a day.

2. Say a big thank you to the developers in your post.

But wait! There’s one more interesting twist I’ve added.

3. Each day there will be a “random giveaway” game. Some lucky people will be able to win more than one code if they are fortunate enough to be visited by the NoDPad giveaway fairy and sent a promo code for the “random giveaway” game of the day. How cool is that?

That’s all! Now let the giveaway begin, and happy holidays!

-The NoDPad Staff

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