‘Battle for Wesnoth’ Episode 2 Released, Fixes Performance

One of the major problems I had with Battle for Wesnoth, even on my iPhone 3GS, was the huge drop in framerate and the extremely laggy interface.  While the game was playable, I can’t imagine how laggy it was on a second generation iPod Touch or even an iPhone 3G.  The new update fixes most of these performance issues, and the game is running a lot more smoothly on my iPhone 3GS.

The new update also adds another campaign with almost 200 more unit types along with 26 new missions.  If you somehow beat Battle for Wesnoth by playing 24/7, then another campaign should keep you busy for quite a while.  With over 500 hours of gameplay packed into Wesnoth, you really don’t have any reason to say the content is lacking.

Either way, people should be finding the performance significantly improved.  If you haven’t tried Battle for Wesnoth yet, check out our hands-on preview along with the lite version.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best TBS on the iPhone along with Rogue Planet.

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