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Details and Screenshots of Upcoming Update to ‘Ace Combat Xi’

Ace Combat Xi was somewhat of a disappointment with very little missions, a huge amount of DLC, and not much in it for the price tag.  While I didn’t exactly enjoy the iPhone version, a new update is in the works from Namco that will add 3 new singleplayer missions for free.

I know many people, including me, have been disappointed with Namco’s latest price model.  DLC has never been quite established yet due to many reasons, including light abuse from games such as Ace Combat, and I’ve never been a fan at all.  The included missions in Ace Combat have not been too many, but the update should atleast add another hour to the gameplay.

For those who were disappointed, this update should slightly mend your broken heart.  The update is in the works and should be with us either this month or next.



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