N.O.V.A. First-Person Shooter Available Everywhere

NOVA has been finally released everywhere from Gameloft, probably one of the most anticipated games of the 2009 year along with Eliminate.  NOVA is supposed to be some sort of knockoff of Halo on the consoles, but we’ll see after we’ve had some hands-on time.

NOVA looks to be one of the most graphically impressive games on the iPhone, and it seems to be using the same control scheme and 3D engine as Modern Combat Sandstorm.  If the online multiplayer functions well and the campaign mode lasts for a fair amount of time, it should be well worth your purchase.

NOVA is available now for $6.99.  We’ll have a review up shortly.



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4 thoughts on “N.O.V.A. First-Person Shooter Available Everywhere

  1. Graphics are amazing, but im not a fan of the new weapons, or the monsters that pop out of nowhere. also, it needs an iron sight option, and a crouch option (like modern combat) and maybe some more obstacles to crouch at?
    overall to me it seems like it was done in a rush, no offence to anyone that loves it.

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