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‘Ridge Racer: Accelerated’ Coming to iPhone

This PSP title was one of my first of a long list, and it definitely didn’t fail to satisfy.  Back then, I wasn’t exactly a gaming geek, more of a casual gamer who was proud of his collection of a Nintendo Gameboy SP along with the Sony PSP.  The worker over at my local Sony Store recommended Ridge Racer as one of the top-selling games for the PSP, and of course, I blindly accepted the fact and bought the game to accompany my newly-bought PSP.

Of course, that was a few years ago when the PSP was first released from Sony, almost 3 years ago.  And since then, the Ridge Racer franchise has somewhat died out with really no expansion with the once prominent racing title.

That’s all about to end with the release of Ridge Racer: Accelerated on iPhone.  There’s a slew of screenshots available on Famitsu, a Japanese magazine company that also first reported of the arrival of Assassin’s Creed on the iPhone.

Details are scarce, but there are a ton of screenshots over at Famitsu along with a gameplay video.  We’ll keep you posted as information becomes available.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t look like this when the game is released.



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