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Tap Farm, The Closest Thing to Farmville on iPhone

Farmville is arguably one of the most successful games of all time, gathering almost 53 million active users per month.  And with so much popularity behind the game and name, there’s bound to be atleast some developers thinking of porting a clone of the game onto the iPhone platform.  Most have been quite unsuccessful if not hopeless; some notable ones including iFarm from Playmesh.

Tap Farm from Streetview Labs, the makers of Tap Defense, seems to be a different story though, being without “Playmesh points” or other unnecessary things.  And best of all, Tap Farm is free for all users to play.  Another notable feature I found with Tap Farm is the ability to visit neighbors, and while I’m not sure if they are actual players from around the world, it’s still cool nonetheless.

You also have the ability to earn more coins to buy more patches and fruits by downloading Streetview Labs’s other games including Tap Out and Tap Defense.  Overall, the system was quite seamless with little to no loading times, and it almost feels like Farmville on my iPhone.  I haven’t gotten far enough to tell whether you find baby cows on your farm or chocolate milk cows, but so far, it seems to be quite an interesting Farmville clone.

If you’re interested in these type of farming tycoon games at all, Tap Farm seems to be a noticeable standout from the rest.  I’m sure there will be more developers jumping on the farm tycoon bandwagon soon, but for now, Tap Farm is one of the best available on the iPhone.  And for free, you really can’t complain.



  1. Claudette on Sunday 13, 2009

    I can’t seem to move objects to a new location? Does anyone know how to do that?

  2. cjdn on Sunday 13, 2009

    um you just go to the thing in the bottom right hand on side and click on move and then just click on the onject you want to move and tapp where you want it

  3. kina on Sunday 13, 2009

    how do you harvest trees? It wont let me use the harvest tool.

  4. Dawn on Sunday 13, 2009

    I have picked the move arrows and I can’t move trees either, is there any other way to move them?

  5. Mike on Sunday 13, 2009

    follow the steps above its very hard you have to touch the corners

  6. Farmer555 on Sunday 13, 2009

    Tap the very base of the tree trunk to move or harvest trees.

  7. kat on Sunday 13, 2009

    Me neither. It’s almost impossible for me to move the trees, even when I tried tapping every single corner of the tree. it must be a very stupid thing of the game.

  8. Will on Sunday 13, 2009

    I can’t move or delete animals is there a way to do it?

  9. Rosie on Sunday 13, 2009

    How do you get money from the Get Coins? When I click in it, it does nothing!

  10. Jake on Sunday 13, 2009

    How do you find neighbors other than the standard farm that doesn’t have any activity? My brother is in the same network as I, so shouldn’t we be neighbors?

  11. Ryan on Sunday 13, 2009

    What does the green house do for you. I can’t find anyway to use it. Can anyone please help me with my problem?

  12. Lee on Sunday 13, 2009

    There needs to be ways to make more money and get magic beans!I getso frustrated trying to get more coins.everything is wwwwwaaaaayyyyy too expensive!

  13. Ryan on Sunday 13, 2009

    How do you get magic beans

  14. Lee on Sunday 13, 2009

    It is ssoooo hard to move stuff.if the items don’t get cheaper and it stays so hard to move stuff,I’m done with it.Also why can’t I sell my items?anyone know?You get magic beans by downloading apps offered under the coin button on tapfarm!

  15. claire on Sunday 13, 2009

    To sell stuff use the remove tool. to move stuff tap on it twice it works for me.

  16. Lee on Sunday 13, 2009

    Need more ways to get magic beans!:(the 2 free apps I have left don’t work!put some more ways to get beans please!

  17. Lee on Sunday 13, 2009

    Thanks Claire

  18. Ally on Sunday 13, 2009

    I can’t figure out where all my things I bye are at.. I mean I don’t know how to put anything down and I can’t sell what I harvest. I can’t figure it out

  19. jessica on Sunday 13, 2009

    who wants to add me as a neighbor?? I will add you back!

  20. Waqar on Sunday 13, 2009

    How do I sale my stuff from the farm I try everything it won’t work

  21. Lee on Sunday 13, 2009

    To sell your stuff click harvest tap on crop or place your stuff down drag the item over from the corner!hope it all helps yas!:)

  22. Dan on Sunday 13, 2009

    You wanna know how to make some big bank. Don’t build anything for awhile, just keep harvesting. Best thing right off is just keep planting eggplant. They cost more but they are the highest return. Just keep building your crop until you have the whole screen filled. Plant eggplants for about 3 or 4 levels. Yes I know you want it to look like a farm but trust me. Build up alot of money and once you get cotton, don’t harvest anything else. Again they cost more but you get 1000 coins per square which is lik a 850 coin return. Do this for as many levels as you can, and then slowly build keeping as many crops as you can. Because once you bank with cotton, you can buy as much of anything. I’m almost to level 25, and I’ve already made well over 5mil and am starting to make my farm look good. Alittle bit at a time. But keep alot of cotton and you’ll never have to worry about coins again.

  23. Deanne on Sunday 13, 2009

    Hi all. Please add me as a friend. To do so, click on your store, then click on get coins. At the top you can select a thing to invite a friend and get 200 coins. Enter my email in at the bottom:

  24. Odi on Sunday 13, 2009
  25. Artie on Sunday 13, 2009

    I’ve been using Tap Farm Free 6 Magic Beans the whole time. Now I’m trying to add the Free 5 Beans app and every time I open it, it says I’ve received them but it doesn’t actually show up. Does this mean I have to have been running the regular Tap Farm app? If so, how do I transfer my farm from the free 6 beans app to the regular app?

  26. cass on Sunday 13, 2009

    it says i have to have internet coneection what does that mean

  27. Annie on Sunday 13, 2009
  28. John on Sunday 13, 2009

    The time remaining for my crops doesn’t update unless I go out of the app for a while, or save the game. Is this normal, or is there a fix for this?